This process is conditional to approval by the CRA once the first fundraising campaign is completed.


Plan A Foundation’s Board of Directors drafts a public list of 10 potential causes (as well as the specific actions associated with each of them). Causes will be preselected based on current events, but some causes could be more permanent and become a mainstay. All causes must be related and managed by charitable organizations that are registered in Canada.


Members of the public express their interest in causes by voting for the causes they care most about on the Foundation’s Facebook page (even those who are not members of the page will be allowed to express their preference).


Following a ten-day polling window, we narrow down the list to the three causes that obtained the most votes.


The Board of Directors conducts a detailed analysis of the three causes/actions selected by potential donors and determines a financial objective for each of them. This objective accounts for both potential revenue and for expenses incurred in reaching the objective.


Once the total amount has been determined, we launch the fundraising campaign in accordance with our predetermined strategy.


After the funds have been raised, we begin implementing our predetermined actions. During this stage, it is our duty to maintain regular communications with our donors in order to keep them informed of the progress of our actions and initiate a new cycle of objectives.