Objectifs Ph

I have always been fascinated with people like Gandhi, Mandela, and Mother Teresa; those individuals who help change and improve the world by putting others first rather than pursuing their own interests.

In my own way, I humbly aspire to become an agent for positive change in our society. Our current undertaking, with the Plan A Foundation, is precisely that. The structure we are proposing will certainly provide the opportunity for us to make a difference in the lives of many people around the world.

The Foundation’s overall objective is simply to do good on our planet, and for our planet, by both organising charity events and also providing financial support to select causes. What makes our foundation different is the community’s commitment that is twofold. Indeed, not only will people be called upon to help support causes financially, but they will even be given a say in the causes to be funded. We will specifically be relying on social media to maintain contact with our supporters and keep them involved in key decisions.