Sami 1

Sami Élie Hajjar

With a BBA in accounting and corporate finance, Sami is part of the management team at Plan A - owner-manager of rental properties. Involved in several aspects of the company’s affairs, he is, among others, responsible for marketing and for implementing technological solutions. Sami is motivated by the idea that he can make a difference in people’s lives. He is mindful of both the organisation’s operations and the good it can do in society.

Position held in the foundation: President

Sami 2

Sami Hajjar

With a Master’s degree in finances and a Bachelor’s in civil engineering from Northeastern University in Massachusetts, Sam is the owner and founder of Plan A - owner-manager of rental properties. He organises everyone’s efforts on a daily basis. What characterises Sam the most is his legendary business acumen. He takes calculated risks and is particularly adept at seizing opportunities that few others are able to see.

Position held in the foundation: Vice-president

Francois 1

François Descarie

François is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several businesses over the years. He is currently working on two fronts by acting as both the president of Substance Stratégies (a communication-marketing consultation and research firm) and of Espace au cube (a Quebec mini-warehouse network).

Position held in the foundation: Manager

Jean Francois

Me. Jean-François Hudon

Jean-François is the co-owner of Cain Lamarre. He has been practicing law for 13 years. From his beginnings as a litigator, his expertise now extends to real estate and corporate law, along with new technologies.

Position held in the foundation: Manager


Pierre Gendron

A seasoned entrepreneur with more than 15 years in the business world, Pierre is president of Stingray Affaires’ Digital Experience division. Highly involved in his community, more specifically with minor league hockey in Boisbriand, Pierre was named 2014 Person of the Year by the Thérèse-de-Blainville Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Position held in the foundation: Manager


Dr. Albert Hajjar

Albert has a doctorate in medicine from the University of Montreal. He is a general practitioner working in senior care, and is also working to help prepare the next generation of medical professionals. Albert distinguishes himself by his leadership and organisational skills.

Position held in the foundation: Manager

Pierre 2

Pierre Pelletier

Pierre is First Vice-President of Real Estate Investment at Fiera, a top-tier independent investment management firm. With his 21 years of financial experience, including more than 15 years in real estate investment, Pierre is proud to have led the acquisition, development, and asset management process of multiple projects across Canada.

Position held in the foundation: Manager


Me. Angelo Febbraio

Angelo is the notary at Prevost Notaries. He has solid experience in commercial real estate law and in managing large-scale residential real estate law projects. He works mainly in corporate financing and actively oversees commercial real estate transactions of all kinds.

Position held in the foundation: Manager